Get consistent ROI

from your paid ads

I will provide your business the optimal tailored strategy for every ad campaign
performance funnels that convert, and help elevate you to a higher level.
That means consistently earning 5X to 10X ROI from your paid ads!

7000+ leads and 3X-5X ROAS from paid ads!

Veteran Advertising Expert & Customer Journey Specialist

Veteran Advertising Expert & Customer Journey Specialist

Tossing a couple ads out there and generating revenue from targeted, laser-focused advertising campaigns are two different creatures. One’s a mouse in an open field. Then other is a roaring lion. Ever hear a lion bellowing a full roar? It can be heard from two miles away! Your ad campaign should rattle the world like that. And I have the experience and skills to make it happen.

Hello. I’m Marisa.

I’ve been creating targeted ad campaigns and critical strategies for companies around the world since 2014. I work directly with business owners and marketing teams to craft potent campaigns that generate leads, sales, and revenue for the long haul, not just a few days or weeks. I leverage the power of algorithms and optimize the funnel journey to create a well-crafted and perfectly balanced customer experience. My experience means you’ll maximize your ad spend, no matter how much you invest.

Ad Campaigns: Maximized

The sharply focused experience I’ve gained has been forged by working with some top-tier, well-known brands from around the world. These are six and seven-figure companies. It’s also the result of working with renowned digital marketers and their direct networks. Innovation and creativity are just a couple of key factors that drive success and boost conversion rates. Combined with a refined analytical approach to understand your target market (key avatar, or customer), you get the highest level of effectiveness from your ad spend.

10X ROAS from Facebook Ads

What Other Clients Are Saying

I loved every minute of working with her! Actually, she made me be more organised than I would have ever been on my own. I plan on hiring her back for the same project soon again!
Facebook and Instagram ads
Her attention to detail, communications and result she got for us was great. Will definitely employ Marisa for our next campaign. She troubleshoots, take responsibility for her work.
Social and Adwords management
I worked with Marisa for quite a while and she helped me to set up and run Facebook Ads successfully. In the end she managed 3 ad accounts of mine. I can highly recommend her to everyone wanting to get more leads/clients using Facebooks ads. 5 on 5
Facebook Ad Expert


Has your business stalled? Are you scaling ad campaigns, ramping up ad spend, and seeing no benefit? Are you seeking a multi-channel approach to reach a wider audience? Are you an expert in your field but still struggle to figure out the most effective ways to monetize that incredible knowledge base and skillsets? Have you found success with some of your ad campaigns, but just don’t have the time to properly manage them? You’ve got enough on your plate, but if you don’t keep on top of them, you can lose ground. And you know it. When you want your ad campaigns to stand apart from the competition, drive revenue to unprecedented numbers for your company, contact me.

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You’re missing out on sales. Profits that fuel your business growth are going somewhere else! Remember, your customers are buying. But if you’re not targeting them properly and creating an amazing customer journey, they’re buying from someone else.
Help them to realize you are the right choice for their needs.


If you’re like too many business owners, you can either


Rely on the expertise of a certified customer journey expert, one who can drive conversions up 4X to 6X, and who will:

  • Create a powerful, proven strategy tailored to your business and
  • Execute it for you so you can focus on your business, not having to learn a new craft and skill, all the while scratching your head trying to make sense of it all and wasting precious, valuable time!

You should stay focused on what you do best … so let me do what I do best!